What is the Etiology of Knee Osteoarthritis?

What is the Etiology of Knee Osteoarthritis?

Knee OA is categorized as either main or additional, depending upon its cause:

The main knee OA is the result of articular cartilage material deterioration with no well-known factor. This is usually taken deterioration due to age along with tear and wear.

Second knee OA is the result of articular cartilage degeneration due to a well-known reason. Feasible Sources of Second Knee OA:

  • Obesity
  • Mispositioning of the joint, e.g., varus/valgus posture
  • Joint instability or hypermobility
  • Previous injury to the joint, e.g., fracture along the articular surface, or tibial plateau crack
  • Immobilization as well as loss of movement
  • Congenital flaws
  • Metabolic causes, e.g., rickets.
  • Family members history

Appropriate Anatomy

The knee is a synovial joint, which includes two articulations.

  • The tibiofemoral joint lies between the convex femoral condyles as well as the concave tibial condyles, the primary joint.
  • The patellofemoral joint between the thigh as well as the Knee.

OA can take place in either or both of these expressions of the knee, it is usual that the patellofemoral joint is affected first.

Pathological Process

The procedure of osteoarthritis affects the articular cartilage, mostly type II, that covers the articular surface areas of bone, Articular cartilage material is usually kept in healthy and balanced stability of chain reactions, nevertheless, when OA starts to develop the responses are interrupted bring about modifications in the collagen of the cartilage material:

  • Disturbance in the stability causes the disorganized pattern of collagen, as well as loss of articular cartilage elasticity.
  • This results in cracking and fissuring of the cartilage which leads to the disintegration of the articular surface.
  • Cartilage material that has been damaged, cannot recuperate.
  • The cartilage will remain to deteriorate.
  • When the cartilage has actually deteriorated; bony surfaces will begin to be influenced.
  • The bone will expand and stimulate, or osteophytes will develop.

It is common for ligament laxity and muscle mass degeneration to additionally happen as the disease progresses.

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