What is the Epidemiology of Osteoarthritis?

What is the Epidemiology of Osteoarthritis?

 OA is the most typical condition of the joints worldwide, with the knee being the most typically influenced joint in the body. It generally influences individuals over the age of 45.

OA can cause pain as well as loss of function; however, not everybody with radiographic searching for knee OA will be symptomatic: in one research just 15% of patients with radiographic findings of knee osteoarthritis [เข่าเสื่อม, which is the term in Thai] were symptomatic.

  • OA influences nearly 6% of all grownups
  • Females are more typically impacted than males
  • Approximately 13% of ladies as well as 10% of men 60 years, as well as older, have symptomatic knee osteoarthritis
  • Amongst those older than 70 years old, the occurrence increases to as high as 40%.
  • The occurrence will remain to rise as life expectancy as well as weight problems increases.

Knee OA is categorized as either key or secondary, relying on its reason:

  • Key knee OA is the outcome of articular cartilage deterioration without any recognized factor. This is usually thought of as degeneration as a result of age along with deterioration.
  • Additional knee OA is the outcome of articular cartilage material deterioration as a result of a well-known factor.

Possible Reasons for Secondary Knee OA:

  • Excessive weight
  • Malposition of the joint, e.g., valgus/varus stance
  • Joint hypermobility or instability
  • Previous injury to the joint, e.g., fracture along the articular surface area, or tibial plateau fracture
  • Immobilization as well as loss of flexibility
  • Genetic issues
  • Metabolic causes, e.g., rickets
  • Family members background

Appropriate Composition

The knee is a synovial joint, which consists of two articulations.

  • Tibiofemoral joint lies between the convex femoral condyles as well as the concave tibial condyles, the primary joint
  • The patellofemoral joint between the Femur as well as the Knee

OA can happen in either or both of these articulations of the knee, it is typical that the patellofemoral joint is impacted initially. [