What is Augmentation Rhinoplasty?

What is Augmentation Rhinoplasty?

Augmentation nose job or generally called “nose surgery” is carried out to raise the forecast of the nasal dorsum, or nasal bridge, on the profile view. It is taken into consideration amongst the most usual plastic surgery procedures aimed at enhancing an aesthetic look. This procedure is substantially secure, less time consumption with faster recovery as well an immediate aesthetic effect. To obtain profoundly gratifying outcomes which could widely differ amongst people, this treatment requires to be carried out by an extremely knowledgeable and well-trained cosmetic surgeon. To pick the kind of nose surgery, as well as liked material, individual’s conditions, e.g., face attributes, size, and shape of the nose are taken mainly into factor to consider. Prior to choosing, it is vital to talk about the appropriate surgical method as well as its feasible dangers with your cosmetic surgeon to guarantee the highest level of safety, as well as satisfaction.

Sorts of Rhinoplasty

There are different types of nose surgery, consisting of:

Enhancement rhinoplasty making use of silicone implants: Throughout augmentation nose surgery, a breast implant can be operatively positioned inside the nose surgery silicone [ซิ ลิ โคน เสริม จมูก, which is the term in Thai] to accumulate the preferred shape of the nose. The two main kinds include:

  • Closed nose surgery: This is amongst the most preferred type of rhinoplasty because all the lacerations are left hidden inside the nose without an external mark.
  • Open nose surgery: As an external rhinoplasty, this treatment is done by making a little incision on the columella, the soft cells that divide the nostrils. This medical strategy allows for easy access to the bone as well as cartilage framework. The main advantage is improved precision for nose improving to accomplish wanted contouring. This technique is often used when taking into consideration a modification nose surgery given that the initial structure of the nose has currently been altered.